Get your card

Two UVic students dining in Mystic Market.
Your ONECard provides you with discounts for on-site food, access to the library, recreation and so much more.

How to get your card

There are 2 ways to get a card:

  • If you have not had a onecard before, please submit a photo online and follow the instructions in the auto-reply. 
  • If you had a card or you have a photo in the system, you can not submit a photo online; step #2 would be your option.
  • If you are unable to submit a photo for any reason, please come in to see us at the office. 

#1 - Take a photo

Your photo must be:

  • similar to a passport photo (but smile!)
  • a current photo showing your eyes open and visible (wear glasses if you normally do)
  • in colour
  • in jpg format
  • on a smooth white background
  • centered with full view of face and hair - no hats, sunglasses, headbands, logos*
  • not digitally altered
  • without shadows
  • just you, no one else in the photo

*Veiled students can make a private appointment to be photographed without their veil by a female employee.

Submit your photo online

24 hours after creating your netlink ID, log into the ONECard section of your online tools and follow the instructions.   

If your photo gets the "approved response", you are all set!  Please check your junk folder.

If your photo gets the “denied response,” review the explanation and try again.

Note: by submitting your photo online, you certify that you are the person in this photo and you confirm that this photo is a true likeness of yourself. Submitting a false photo of yourself is in violation of UVic policy.

Submit your government ID

Once you have successfully added your photo, you'll be asked to add a photo of your government ID. Click “attach government issued photo ID” and upload a front-facing image of your ID (we need to see name/face/date of both).  You will now see both pictures and you can submit, don't worry if they are upside down, we crop:)

Pick up your card

Once you’ve successfully submitted your photo, our office will email you at your preferred email address within 3 business days with further instructions on card pick-up (check your junk folder). If your photo was approved, please bring 1 piece of Government Issued Photo ID to pick-up your card at: Jamie Cassels Centre - Lobby B106. 

 #2 - Come in and have your photo taken

  • Please bring 1 piece of Government Issued Photo ID and your V0#____.

 Mailing your ONECard

  • to mail your card the fee is $20.00, please load $20.00 to your flex account via ca/onecard or by loading via a guest deposit (gift funds).
  • e-mail us after that has been done and we will print your card & mail it to the address listed in mypage