The Gustavson Brand Trust Index


Gustavson Brand Trust Index

The results are in!

Which are Canada's 2020 Top 10 most trusted brands?

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Gustavson Brand Trust Index

Reflections on trust

Expert insight: Gustavson dean Saul Klein discusses the results of the 2019 Gustavson Brand Trust Index. 

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Gustavson Brand Trust Index

Trust & the Consumer

Expert Insight: Dr. David Dunne discusses the importance of values-based trust

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The 2020 Gustavson Brand Trust Index results reveal consumers’ trust in brands is at an all-time low.

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On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, the GBTI team, in collaboration with the Canadian Marketing Association, hosted a webinar to discuss the 2020 Brand Trust findings as well as compare results between the pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 surveys. It also featured a panel discussion with industry leaders, who dolve into how trust drives brand loyalty and purchase consideration, among other topics.

Dean Saul Klein was joined on the panel by: 

You can view the recording here: 

The Gustavson Brand Trust Index is the only study done by an academic institution that investigates consumer trust, the factors that affect it, and the brands that succeed at it. The team at the Gustavson School of Business established this Index in 2015 with an aim to raise awareness on the role trust plays in the minds of consumers when making purchasing decisions. The Index highlights how shared values, relationship management and customer experience, influence consumer trust. It also measures the relationships between brand performance, social equity, trust and advocacy for brands in Canada.

Initially, the GBTI team gathered data from 7800 consumers about 342 brands during the weeks of January and February, assessing consumer levels of brand trust. Just as the team began to analyze the data in early March, the impact of COVID-19 fully hit Canada. In light of COVID-19, the GBTI team conducted a second research study to gauge the changes in how consumers assign their trust and loyalties to a sub-set of brands. 

To learn more about how Canadian consumers allocate trust in brands, please view the full report here (Please share with anyone who you think would enjoy it!). For more resources, click here