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Extraordinary academic environment

Place matters. UVic is located on Vancouver Island, which spans the Pacific Northwest coast from the Great Bear Rainforest to the Salish Sea. Defined by its edges, this extraordinary environment inspires us to defy boundaries, discover and innovate in exciting ways.

It's different here, naturally and by design. We're inspired to learn from our land's stories and to safeguard its integrity. Our university's just-right size nurtures rich personal connections and a vibrant learning community.

Award-winning instruction

Supported by Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) instructors at UVic are innovators. They develop and identify teaching practices to support student engagement and success. We celebrate these practices with our annual teaching awards

Our instructors are well-represented among the winners of prestigious national Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 3M teaching fellowships.

More than 40 UVic faculty members have been named as fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, the senior national body of distinguished Canadian scholars, artists and scientists.

Sustainability on campus

Sustainability is a key part of every major field at UVic. From clean energy to oceans and climate, UVic research is at the forefront of sustainability breakthroughs. Our sustainable initiatives drive us to constantly improve as an institution.

In the news

Open UVic biologist named Order of Canada officer

UVic biologist named Order of Canada officer

UVic biology professor emeritus, Verena Tunnicliffe, is named an officer of the Order of Canada for her contributions to ocean sciences and for being a pioneer in the scientific exploration of the...

Open Exhibit on Indigenous cultural tattooing

Exhibit on Indigenous cultural tattooing

A visiting exhibit at Legacy Downtown frames the reawakening of Indigenous tattooing and explores the cultural resurgence and significance. Also featured is a film by alumna Asia Goodman.

Open New UVic research chairs

New UVic research chairs

New UVic Canada Research Chairs focus on Indigenous law, renewable energy research, substance use policy and marine fisheries adaptation.

Star streams reveal Milky Way’s ravenous history

The Globe and Mail: Star streams reveal Milky Way’s ravenous history

More extraordinary environment news


See more videos from the UVic's extraordinary academic environment playlist on YouTube.

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